We Have Taken Flight!

Hellooooo there. Watty here. About ten years ago, I bought a drone. It was mind-blowing to see the incredibly stunning videos I could capture from the air! It was my hobby until quick-changing technology turned that drone into the equivalent of a flying Blackberry. When I was making a career change from radio, Sik Pics allowed me to take control of the drone video section of their business, and I was all in!
The beauty of working on this with Chris and Kirstin was that they offered up the education and resources needed to better learn the craft and make sure we were doing our shoots in full compliance with Transport Canada. Safety is critical here.

Coastal Drone Company out of Vancouver is a group that believes quality education for all drone pilots will help make the industry more productive, safe, and efficient. That aligned with how we want to move forward in this industry. I have to admit, I didn’t realize how detailed the drone aviation industry is. While I was doing this course, I felt like I was learning how to fly a Boeing 737, when I was really controlling a flying object the size of a blue jay. 😀 Nevertheless, like Irish novelist Samuel Lover coined in 1837, ‘better safe than sorry,’ right? Definitely.

After completing the course, I had to pass my basic exam, advanced exam, and a flight review to officially be certified to secure flight permits in different areas of our country. I got through the basic exam with ease, but I continued to hear from other drone pilots and even the course instructors that I should prepare to fail the advanced exam at least a couple of times before I get the required 80% to pass. 60 minutes to complete 50 questions. It was a Friday afternoon, and I thought I might as well get my first fail out of the way. Lol. Well, wasn’t it a pleasant surprise to see ‘You Passed with 84%’ on my first crack at it! Let’s go!!

The final step to my certification was the flight review. Now, this was interesting because it’s kind of like going for your driver’s licence. You control your drone while a flight reviewer stands by your side, assessing your ability to operate it efficiently and safely. Thanks to reviewer Ryan Beston at Queen City Drones in Regina, the final step was complete as I passed my flight review!

While we can now provide our own drone footage for your project, our videos have displayed extraordinary visuals from the air before, thanks to our friend and contractor Trevor Thoms from Epic Jib Aerial Media. Trevor, thank you for your professionalism, knowledge and keen eye for solid aerial cinematography.

Now, as we make our way through the remainder of winter, our focus is on getting our ‘bird’ in the air this spring to get some incredible aerial footage to add to our repertoire. I’m currently enrolled in the Drone Launch Academy’s course, which is focused on the art of aerial cinematography. This is where the real fun begins! Aerial videography is an area of our business that we feel will grow immensely, and we’re excited to be able to provide this service to you. Let’s get flying!!

– Watty