If you’re in that exhilarating time between the engagement and your wedding, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. With all the love and happiness of an engagement comes a staggering number of decisions. While incredibly exciting, planning a wedding can be equally as stressful. Not to worry. Queue your knight in shining armour (that’s us).

When you’ve photographed as many weddings as we have, you become a bit of an expert. We often find ourselves being so much more than your typical wedding photographer. We’ve stopped in at the hospital to visit ailing loved ones, and quietly captured the bittersweet hugs and smiles. We’ve helped groomsmen get their ties just right. We’ve reassured a tearful bride, frustrated with a few unexpected hiccups. A groomsmen once told us “you’ve been so great today that we wouldn’t even care if you lost all the photos!”. But of course, that would never happen because we have back ups on back ups, but you get the idea. We’ve got your back on your big day. Your wedding shouldn’t be stressful. It should be joyful, carefree, and fun.

Is our style what you’re dreaming of? We live by a few simple principles:

  • If you’re not smiling, laughing or crying happy tears, we’re doing it wrong.
  • The big moments only happen once, and we don’t often get a second chance at the money shot. That’s why the lighting, lens, and focus will be right the first time.
  • We’ll get the traditional poses Grandma will proudly display on the fridge, but we get jump-up-and-down excited when we catch the unscripted, imperfect moments. Those are where we find true emotion.
  • After the big day, our work is far from finished. No need to worry about that pesky pimple, bruise, or sunburn. If we think it would be gone in two weeks, we’ll edit it out.
  • We believe that your photos should be vibrant and full of life. That’s why you’ll see bright, crisp colour in our work and timeless looks over fads or filters that are here today and gone tomorrow.
  • You’ll find the truest representation of our style in our photo gallery. Take a peek!

Wedding photo packages range from $3199 to $4499. Contact us for details and pricing!


Have you ever watched the wedding video of total strangers and cried? Video is a powerful medium. It’s easy to find emotion in a wedding day, which makes for a naturally moving piece – but how do we get from good to great? There are a few elements that make wedding videos truly memorable. It should be dynamic, and it probably won’t be linear in nature.  Part of what elevates a video to the next level is full audio capture. We want to hear the quiver in your voice as you say your vows. We want to be able to feel Dad’s booming laugh as he cracks a joke during his welcome to the family speech.  Video captures the best moments in a way that photo cannot, and that’s why we’ve fallen in love with it.

Even though art is subjective, there are a few video elements that we believe to be crucial. We’ve invested in the right gear, which means we can follow you onto the dance floor and capture the rap battle or impromptu Ukrainian dance party (we are in Saskatchewan, after all). Stabilization is key. No shaky video here. Most importantly, we’ll focus on the stars of the show (that’s you!) and the supporting cast you love most.

Contact us for full wedding video package details and pricing!