Events are notoriously hard to photograph. Usually we’re up against dark or really bright lighting, crowded rooms, moving subjects (extra points if food is served, because nobody looks good mid-bite), unexpected situations, and rushed shots. There is no time to mess around with gear or weigh the pros and cons of… anything, really. Our team has shot many events and is well-versed in making decisions on the fly. Plus, we love a good challenge. We’re confident we’ll get the best moments and showcase your event the way it deserves.


Sik Pics owner Chris has seen just about every special event Saskatoon has to offer through a camera lens.  Some of his career highlights include shooting The Juno Awards, Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Awards Show, The Tim Hortons Brier, Memorial Cup, Saskatchewan Rush, ABEX, SABEX, Saskatoon Blades, Saskatoon Pride Festival, Saskatchewan Roughriders Training Camp, Swinging with the Stars, University of Saskatchewan Huskies Athletics, and the Saskatoon Hilltops.

In the midst of the organized chaos of an event, you’ll find our team looking calm. We thrive under pressure and are confident that we’ll get the sights and sounds we need, whether that be the comedian hitting his best joke, the acceptance speech, or the crushing hit. As the official videographer of the Saskatchewan Rush, our work has millions of views. We’ve shot and edited everything from Jumbotron pump up videos to an emotional special feature on Grandma Rush. When it comes to events, nothing captures the energy and emotion in the room better than video, which is why it’s one of our absolute favourite genres of videos to create.