Voice Over Talent

A unique and compelling story is only enhanced by a storyteller.

After searching, listening and connecting, we are so excited and proud to share our “storytellers” with you.

It started as all great things do – with a conversation over guacamole and margaritas, sat across from a voiceover artist who could help us build our team. We’d discovered a pain point – there was no streamlined way to audition and hire Canadian voice talent for our commercial videos. Our dream was to custom build our own roster filled with voices from Saskatoon and Western Canada.

Together, we embarked on the journey of handpicking talent to form the greatest grouping since Fleetwood Mac, the Tune Squad or charcuterie boards. We acquired trusted professionals we’d connected with on former collaborations, and others who came highly recommended.

With their skills and backgrounds it took only a select few artists to build a team that ensures diverse range, sound and talent for an array of brands and industries.

Pairing your visuals with a strong, moving voiceover is a simple way to take your commercial video to the next level. This guarantees the attention and focus of your viewer by asking them not just to look but to listen.

What do you want to listen to? Who do you want to listen to?

It’s important to choose a voice that resonates with you, that invokes the emotion you’re looking to communicate. That’s why we’ve set up our talent page to give you the chance to “audition” our artists. By visiting https://sikpics.ca/voice-over-talent/ you can sample each artists’ impressive demo reel and biography.

Take comfort in the rumbling warmth of Neil, indulge in the sultry tones of Katlynn or go on a touching journey with Tony. Get excited with Jonny and Carlye, relax into a tale with Kennedy and lose yourself in the full range of Chelsea. Feel the action with John and enjoy the smoky timbre of Derek.

Our talent is ready to turn their microphones on for your next project!