Product Photography

Award Winning Spirits, Anyone?!

Recently we had the pleasure of doing some product photography for Black Fox Farm & Distillery. We’re such big fans of Barb and John and always jump at the chance to create photo or video for them. They offer premium spirits, and their creations have already won more awards than we can count.

We were tasked with shooting their new mini bottles of rye and whiskey (complete with beautiful packaging). Glass products are especially tricky, as you have to be aware of any distracting or unwanted reflections and/or highlights on the glass. With a series of lights, diffusers, reflectors, etc., we were able to create a really sharp look to properly showcase the product.

Product photography is something we’ve been diving into lately. Saskatchewan is producing lots of unique, high quality products these days and we wanted to be able to properly showcase the goods when asked. With e-commerce booming, a strong product video along with professional product photography can help your brand really stand out. We’re happy to help!