The purpose of a lifestyle session is to capture your truest self. These photos might include the people and things that you are passionate about or feature you in your best light. Lifestyle portraits are unique in that we have the luxury of time, flexibility, and your full attention. This allows us to put more love and care to the details, whether that be getting your hair to fall just right or changing outfits several times. We can take the time to set up dramatic lighting or shoot outdoors at the “magic hour”. Unlike other genres of photography that focus on a special event, our challenge is to find the art in your everyday.

Lifestyle photography is more than a family portrait. Whether you’re looking for one stunning image for an album cover, a new headshot, or a frame-worthy family photo that freezes time and the memories that accompany it, we’ll create a fun, laid back environment that puts you at ease. We’ll even answer the age old question “what do I do with my hands!?”.


Just like lifestyle photos, video should profile your life in its greatest form. Perhaps music is your passion. Music videos are such a unique and personal project. If you’re going to share something so meaningful, we think it should be with someone who understands and shares your love of music. Chris has been a musician for most of his life and for that reason, he enjoys helping other musicians bring their stories to life. In fact, you’ll find some of his own performances in our video portfolio! He has a deep understanding of music and audio design (read his bio and you’ll agree), which allows him to contribute to an artist’s music video in a unique way. Not a musician? Perhaps you’d like to do a spotlight video on a retirement, milestone anniversary, or have some fun capturing your passion as a rally car driver. Whatever it is, let’s tell your story.